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The New Rules of Marketing (New ERA)

The New Rules of Marketing (New ERA)

Marketing your business is both an art and a science — and the industry is rapidly evolving as the audience you’re trying to reach is changing.

In some ways, this makes it one of the sciences with the fastest rates of turnover, since you are actively trying to match, or exceed, the pace of the culture to which you’re marketing.

But if you aren’t able to adapt to or anticipate the pressures of the market, your marketing efforts are essentially setting money on fire.

As a company — especially now in the wake of COVID-19 — you can’t afford to be inflexible with your voice and presence when reaching customers.

While adaptable, your marketing efforts also need to be a tight ship. You don’t want your message to come across as insensitive.

The newest generation of customers is highly alert, especially of their influence as cultural drivers, and they will quickly shut down any brand they perceive as “invasive.”

Here, let’s dive into the new “rules of marketing” you’ll want to lean into as you move forward in your marketing efforts in 2020 and beyond…Read More

Written by Heather Park


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