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Carpet Cleaning – A Must-have thing by Professionals

Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning services are often neglected by the people, especially the commercial property owners. Here Carpet Sofa Cleaning Services is the Best Carpet Cleaning Company Lahore. Either for fear of expense or other factors, they ignore hiring professional cleaners to get a complete cleaning of the premises. But it is essential to ensure complete cleaning of the premises, and it is the professionals only who can assure you with 100% cleanliness. This is because they have advanced equipment, different cleaning techniques for different spaces, and much more with which they ascertain proper cleaning and give you safe and healthy surroundings. Here we are providing some insights into the importance of Carpet Sofa Cleaning Services and the most common processes of cleaning adopted by the companies.

Need for carpet cleaning in Lahore

As the weather of Lahore is very unusual, and most of the time it remains dry, the dirt and dust prevails in the air and makes the environment polluted. In such situations, it becomes challenging to ensure health and safety to the people living around. These pollutants get stuck in the corners and edges of the premises. With unprofessional hands, it is difficult to clean them correctly. Hence, professional cleaners, with their superior techniques and products for carpet cleaning service in Lahore, ensure perfect neat and tidy premises.

5 steps of our carpet cleaning process

Our carpet cleaning service  process is done by 5 significant steps that are explained below,

Dry dust removal: 

Dry dust or soil removal is the first step of our carpet cleaning process. This cleaning technique is much healthier than the wet one. It makes it easy to clean the dust or dirt from the carpet’s hard spaces because it makes it easy to clear out the sand without causing any harm to the rugs. With this technique, the professional cleaners wipe the dirt out of the carpet by vacuuming and keep the carpet fibers neat and tidy.

Carpet Cleaning Lahore

Soil suspension: 

Carpets are the most sensitive element in any premises. As the dirt and debris remain in the rugs, it spreads the possible germs to the surrounding. Moreover, if you want to clean it by the normal cleaning process, it will lose its shelf life and get damaged quickly. Hence our professionals use this soil suspension method in the next step. This method is characterized by four factors, such as speeding up the chemical reaction by using temperature or heat, applying disinfectant chemicals, chemical distribution held by the agitation of carpet fibers, and dwelling time for chemical reaction completion. It is ultimately a professional method as only an expert professional can carry it correctly without harming the carpet fibers.

Soil extraction:

 Soil extraction is the most useful step for our carpet cleaning process. It is done by using hot water to extract the soil from the carpet. Soil is the combination of tiny particles that cannot be separated seen by vacant eyes. Indeed, with usual methods, these particles cannot be cleared from the rugs. But with this method, the carpet is Pre-conditioned using a superior chemical reagent that helps in liquefying soil and oily substances from the carpet fibers. Then, after heating the water for 10-15 minutes and extraction is applied with vacuuming.


Once all the carpet cleaning process gets completed, then comes our grooming part. We set all the stuff like furniture and other essential belongings to their respective places to maintain the space’s frizz-free look.


 Once all the services are done, the need for drying the carpet area takes place. Expert professional cleaners always have equipment with them to make your carpet dry before they leave for your house.

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